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Youths are the change-makers of the future, and VOCAL provides the platform for youth empowerment towards climate change advocacy. We are ecstatic to announce that Project VOCAL is live and has begun its first phase!

VOCAL has four phases in total: Systematization, Deployment, Replication and Monitoring. Systematization consists of VOCAL’s initial setup and website development. We’ve also developed a baseline survey of climate change issues and its perception amongst youth in Malaysia. We need your input to collect this data which will be key further down VOCAL’s timeline.

Deployment consists of events to actualise youth involvement in advocacy. We plan to host capacity building programs on a range of topics, roundtables with experts and eventually engagement with key decision makers. However, a key part of activating these events begins with you signing up as a VOCAList on our site!

In its Replication phase, VOCAL is designed to achieve effective reach of youth audiences. Social media campaigns, media engagement, partnership with organisations and discussion with government and ministry members. It is through this phase that the connection between policy makers, eager youths and experienced environmental experts can be made.

Monitoring consists of the documentation of the journey: progress reports and audiovisual material to capture the process of getting VOCAL up and running. If you have talents in videography or making podcasts, please contact us for further details! We are also currently seeking youths and experienced individuals to be part of our Youth Ambassador team and our “Group of Advisors”, further details of these categories will be released so stay tuned for updates.

It is VOCAL’s mission to make Malaysians realise that creating change has to start somewhere, yet there are no boundaries to climate action. Anyone, anywhere and at any time can be the voice of a climate action leader!

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