Seeking Experts for the VOCAL Group of Advisors

Written by Eunice Leong I Edited by Aqil Anuar

In pursuit of Project VOCAL’s success, we are seeking individuals with experience in environmental related initiatives. Regardless of whether you have years of experience in activism or climate policy development, we intend to merge everyone with interests in climate action and forming a Group of Advisors.

Our Group of Advisors will comprise a fundamental aspect of the Project VOCAL movement and play an important part in keeping the wheels moving. They will also guide and tailor how Project VOCAL will be implemented and coordinated along the way. Although differences in age and experience exist between Advisors and Ambassadors of Project VOCAL, it is with the common goal of environmental advocacy that we wish to tie these two groups together. 

With Project VOCAL’s objectives surrounding policy reform and youth impact towards policy development, we foresee expert guidance to be essential. In order for youth to enforce their desired impact and ideals on a large scale, we will need a team of experts to guide and provide educated, well-informed opinions to aid their journey for climate justice. 

As a member of Project VOCAL’s group of advisors, your role would be to:

  • Enable larger traction and recognition of voices contributing to climate change solutions.
  • Advise the coordination and implementation of VOCAL as it progresses
  • Bridge the gaps between implementation and policymaking through the assistance of UNDP authorities.
  • Educate by providing guidance, insight, and experience based on your field of expertise.


Board of Advisors can also act as either trainers, speakers, or consultants by:

  • Speaking at Project VOCAL’s hackathons and designated capacity building programs for our youth ambassadors on topics such as environmental policy, advocacy, digital media production, media engagement, and design thinking methodologies. Through these activities, advisors will help enhance participants’ problem-solving and critical thinking that will prepare them for future projects under VOCAL, such as the roundtable meeting with government officials and stakeholders.
  • Keeping in contact with Project VOCAL on an occasional basis to interact and give constructive feedback on our current and future progress.


We cannot lead if we are not guided. Addressing these issues remains a pressing challenge and for us to succeed, we will need your knowledge, experience and passion to move us forward. We hope you choose to join us in our movement for environmental awareness and action.

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