Calling on Youths Aged 18-35: VOCAL Youth Ambassadors Needed!

Written by Shafiq Ashraf I Edited by Aqil Anuar

As a key part of Project VOCAL, we are looking for youths aged 18-35 from youth-led organisations to join our Youth Ambassadors team! We recognise that the voices of youth have been critically under-represented in Malaysia, and Project VOCAL is the platform to unite all youth led efforts and amplify its recognition. By having a united platform for youth-led environmental action, we aim to create a better future.

In terms of roles, ambassadors will also assist in how Project VOCAL will be conducted. For example, ambassadors will gain the opportunity to facilitate Project VOCAL’s planned activities. Plenty of interesting activities have been planned out such as: social media campaigns, capacity-building workshops, opportunities for media engagements and more! 

Youth Ambassadors come from many different backgrounds: university students, academics and other stakeholders whose expertise are in the environment as long as they have passion and interests regarding environmental advocacy in Malaysia. However, we do have a few specific traits that we look for in an ambassador such as:

  1. Honest communication skills – A leader is able to convey their ideas effectively and speak openly about many subjects.
  2. Strong interpersonal abilities – A good leader is able to understand and bond with others by possessing social intelligence or empathy.
  3. Resilience and problem solving – A leader is capable of solving problems and not afraid of finding solutions to the challenges they may face.
  4. Forward thinking – A strong leader is a good visionary: making decisions ahead of time and able to work progressively to bring life to a bigger picture.

So, if you feel that you have what it takes to become a youth ambassador, don’t be shy to reach out to us and sign yourself up. Be the face of the youths in Malaysia and prove to the world that the voices of youths matter!

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