EcoKnights Launches Project VOCAL – Be The Future Voice of Climate Action Leaders!


Kuala Lumpur, 6th July – EcoKnights announces the launch of Project VOCAL, also known as Voice of Climate Action Leaders, a project funded by the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This initiative was established to inspire Malaysian youths aged 18-35 to become leaders in climate justice and contribute to climate change solutions.

Malaysia is not spared from the effects of climate change. Our country has seen an increase in extreme weather events characterized by thunderstorms, dry spells, and high rainfalls. Mean daily temperature and sea levels are also experiencing a worrying rise in trend, undoubtedly a sign we are heading for the worse.

Project VOCAL has three distinct objectives to tackle the climate issues of our time: amplify, build, and increase the number of passionate youths in addressing environmental issues. Youths were specially chosen to drive this project because EcoKnights believe that their voices on climate action are powerful, but critically under-represented — through VOCAL, they aim to enable youths to exert a greater influence in public conversation and governmental regulations on issues regarding environmental advocacy.

“This decade and the next are defining decades in which collective youth actions can contribute to a massive global impact, especially in the areas of environmental volunteerism in climate change. Project VOCAL aims to contribute to this global effort, empower more Malaysian youths to be champions of climate action,” said Yasmin Rasyid, founder and president of EcoKnights.

Members of VOCAL will undergo an 18-month training period to equip themselves with the right knowledge and skills to become leaders for their causes and communities. Selected youth ambassadors of Project VOCAL, on the other hand, will facilitate some of the planned activities and shed some light on their own insight to climate change solutions.

This project is accompanied by our very own Board of Advisors, who will comprise experienced experts from various fields spanning environmental science, law, and communication. They will advise the coordination and implementation of Project VOCAL, and may make special appearances as speakers at our training programs.

“Youth leadership & empowerment have always been a priority in our sustainability advocacy for the past 15 years. In Malaysia, youth aged 18-35 constitute a significant portion of the population; they are game changers for the future of Malaysia. Through Project VOCAL, we aim to reach out and gain 1000 members who will be equipped with informed decisions, knowledge and networking to lead climate advocacy. Our ultimate goal is to harness their potentials and to present their initiatives as well as case studies to policy makers, such as the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEWA).” – Fadly Bakhtiar, Programme Director of EcoKnights

Project VOCAL is just one of EcoKnights’ many efforts to enable everyone to be agents of environmental change. It is our hope that through this initiative, we can build this generation’s agents of change in the fight for climate justice.
For more details about Project VOCAL, visit the official website at If you have any further inquiries about Project VOCAL, you may contact Aqil at or Fara at

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