The Story Of Project VOCAL’s Logo: Youth Empowerment in the Fight for Climate Action

By Nadia Satrio.

Project VOCAL’s distinct mission is to provide youths aged 18-35 with a platform to share ideas, explore avenues, and generate sustainable change within the context of environmental advocacy; the official and newly updated logo has been designed to visually express that commitment. All the aspects of the logo were constructed to showcase EcoKnights’ rich belief and engagement with Project VOCAL’s objectives. 


The logo consists of a megaphone, the Earth, and large, bold font, with a series of yellow lines to symbolise noise and being vocal. The project’s official title ‘Voice of Climate Action Leaders’ is also displayed. These features have been selected to be incorporated into the logo as this best signifies the call to be part of this movement. 


The blue, green, yellow and orange colours for this design concept were chosen as they are invigorating, vibrant, and reflect the energy Project VOCAL aims to give and receive. These colours are typically associated with optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm. Project VOCAL places a heavy emphasis on giving the youth of Malaysia a safe space to speak out about environmental issues, and to do so with these feelings in mind; thus becoming a deciding factor in the colours that were chosen. 


The font is a sans serif font, which generally exudes modernity and simplicity; as an initiative that aims to promote a youthful and fresh movement, this typeface was deemed to be the most fitting.

Project VOCAL has many exciting things planned for youths in the next few months. For more information on Project VOCAL, visit the website here and sign up to be a VOCAList for free to gain access to capacity building programs, events and roundtables, designed to empower youths to lead environmental advocacy in generations to come. 

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