Community Climate Action Plan Infographics – The Truth Behind Youths in the Decision-Making Process

Community Climate Action Plan Infographics – The Truth Behind Youths in the Decision-Making Process

In February 2021, Project VOCAL held a capacity building program entitled ‘The Truth Behind Youths in the Decision-Making Process’, with speakers Muru Loganathan, Climate & Energy Advisor from British High Commission Kuala Lumpur, Emily Oi, Senior Analyst Policy Studies from MGTC, and Jasmin Irisha, Climate & Environment Consultant from UNICEF. The talk was moderated by Syaqil Suhaimi, Focal Point from Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD).

Click here for more information and replay of the dialogue! 

As a part of Project VOCAL’s aim to empower youth in climate advocacy and policy, the committee has tasked the participating VOCALists to prepare an infographic detailing a concrete community climate action plan.

Check out some of the winning infographics they have come up with below!

” The pandemic showed us the importance for a nation to produce sufficient food to feed the population in times of uncertainty. Malaysia needs to consider further investing in local agriculture and encouraging backyard farming to prepare for a self-sufficient future. “

Sylvie Tan

” Let’s support local fresh produce by getting involved with our local community gardens! Growing food locally not only ensures its quality, but also providing better economic opportunity to our own community. Let’s start planting! “

Mohamad Asyraf Roslan

” Can’t spell YOUTH without YOU! The sustainable action plan starts with us as we are all part of our country’s economic and social ecosystem so let’s use our voice and energy to engage and restore order in our environment! “

Anise Kaz

” Everyone deserves equal opportunity. “

Siti Liyana Zakirah

” Using public transport can reduce our carbon footprint. But yes, we hear you: public transport is not always convenient in Malaysia. Let’s find a way to change that together, so our cities can be safer and more sustainable! “

Tan Zhai Yun

If you missed out on the program, fret not! We have many activities planned for you in the future. Stay tuned for Project VOCAL’s upcoming events and dialogues!

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