Knights of Nature

About US

about us

Who We Are

Knights of Nature is a multidimensional program curated by EcoKnights designed to engage youths aged 18 to 30. KON provides an experiential learning platform for youths to challenge environmental issues and incorporate the mindset of sustainability into their daily life. Through KON, we aim to expose participants to a variety of other learning and networking opportunities to gain more experience and knowledge in sustainability and how we can work together with others to achieve this.


Knowledge. Exposure. Empowerment. These are key characteristics in youths that KON aims to cultivate, and through these characteristics youths are able to step into the real world to assist the alleviation of today’s climate crisis. Previously, KON was a single camp lasting a few days or nights. KON uses the EcoKnights’ Theory of Change with an end goal of creating champions who will deliver substantial impact and recognition of youth involvement in environmental problem solving.


Together We Provide Solutions. Together We Are Empowered.

Together We Provide Solutions. Together We Are Empowered.

What We Do

EcoKnights believes in a Theory of Change that encompasses Awareness, Participation, Action and Empowerment. In accordance with the Theory of Change, KON’s activities will be conducted with Awareness to Empowerment being the final goal.


Awareness entails talks and outreach events to bring eyes and attention to know more of KON.


Participation is achieved by hosting interactive capacity building programs such as workshops to foster creative engagement with participants.


Action tests youths by placing them in volunteer programs that tests real-life problem solving skills.


Empowerment is achieved after participants have successfully completed an ‘empowerment camp’, participants of which are chosen or selected.