Advisor – Muru Loganathan


Muru is a trained wetland ecologist who was working in the field for 10 years with Wetlands International prior to joining the British High Commission in 2005. His areas of experience – rapid ecological assessment of habitats (peat swamp forest, freshwater swamps and lakes, mangroves and mudflats); co-writing sustainable management prescription., working with govts and other local stakeholders, and making a case for conservation and protection of key ecosystems. He was instrumental in working on 3 Ramsar Sites nominations for Malaysia and contributing to their integrated management plans.

Now with the British High Commission for the last 15 years, he is learning the rope of just diplomacy, lobbying for key shared global environmental goals (climate, BioD and energy), managing and implementing projects/programmes, and strengthening UK- Malaysia relationship in the environmental, climate and energy spaces.

He has interest on how modern diplomacy can push the levers in the sustainable development space between countries, bringing different parts of govts to the discussion, overcoming barriers and finding solutions and ambitions in the process. He thrives on the idea of how diplomacy can co-create processes in ever challenging environment and finding a win-win situation.