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The climate is in crisis.


Climate change is causing extreme temperatures, rising sea levels, frequent natural disasters, among other events; this has a detrimental impact on future generations while depriving many the access to basic rights: education, shelter in a safe environment, amongst others.


Malaysia is no exception to these effects. From floods to haze; clean water supply disruption to diseases from improper waste management; these recurring events threaten schooling, health, and living conditions of children and the youth in the country. COVID-19 has intensified the damage being done – causing further harm.


Although children have been a victim of climate issues regularly, their voice has been missing when it comes to climate discourse. For this year’s World Children’s Day 2020, we are giving them a platform to voice out their opinions. UNICEF, UNDP, and EcoKnights surveyed youths in Malaysia through the use of a chat-bot software to discover their thoughts on climate issues and what they think can be done by stakeholders (and themselves) to remedy the situation.

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