Project VOCAL: The Truth Behind Youth in Digital Advocacy

The Truth Behind Youth in Digital Advocacy

Panel Dialogue Session
Day & Date: Saturday, 26th June 2021
Time: 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Platform: Zoom

Program Description:

In celebration of World Environment Day 2021 (5th June), the Project VOCAL Committee is delighted to announce our sixth monthly dialogue, The Truth Behind Digital Advocacy. This dialogue will feature prominent filmmakers & visual artists who produce and showcase documentaries about environmental issues and conservation efforts. Join us to learn more about their experiences in the environmental advocacy journeys, and their ideas on how youth can take part.


In this session, you will learn about and be exposed to: 

  • Roles of representatives from the filmmaking industry and their contribution in environmental and climate action advocacy.
  • How to contribute and support environmental advocacy efforts, even during the pandemic.
  • How youth can get involved in environmental advocacy through digital means today, and the ways in which youth can use their voice in supporting conservation efforts virtually.

Our lineup for this event includes:


Lara Ariffin

Nuvista Media


Takahara Suiko

Sololist, Viona


Natalie Hussain

Star Media Group


Fadly Bakhtiar

Festival Director of KLEFF

Registration is FREE for Project VOCAL members (18-35 years old) and you are cordially invited to this program!

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