Project VOCAL: The Truth Behind Youths in Decision-making Process

The Truth Behind Youths in Decision-Making Process

Program Description:

In order to allow our youth community to gain better insight on the importance of their decision making in the environmental sustainability field, a digital capacity building workshop will be conducted for the VOCALists and IGEM Visitors (limited seats). The workshop will include the VOCALists and IGEM Visitors (as program participants) and session speakers (VOCAL advisors and ambassadors), where an interactive dialogue will be designed to empower young people to take part in the environmental policy-making sphere.


In this session, you will learn about and be exposed to :


  • Roles of representatives from the policy-making sphere, and why they believe that youths have a critical role to play in this field
  • How youths can contribute and support environmental advocacy efforts at the policy level, regardless of how knowledgeable they currently are on the topic
  • How youth can get involved in public policy today, and the ways in which youth can use their voice in supporting causes they care about
  • Learn about the importance of grassroots advocacy and its outcomes that may influence climate and environmental policies, solutions, and actions.
Panel Dialogue Session
Day & Date: Wednesday, 28th July 2021
Time: 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm
Platform: Virtual IGEM 2021 (register as an IGEM visitor at

Our lineup for this event includes:



Climate Change & Sustainability Advisor to CENT-GPS



Climate Policy Analyst



Conservation Biologist (Honours) & Youth Vocalist



Focal Point, Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD)

Registration is FREE (Open to all VOCAL members) as well as the general public, and you are benignantly invited to attend this program at the Virtual IGEM 2021!

How Can I Register?

  1. If you are within the age of 18-35 years old, sign up to be a VOCAList here, if you haven’t. (If you are NOT within this age range, proceed to step #3!)
  2. For VOCAList members (18-35 years), you may proceed to the dialogue’s page here to register for this session or click the button below!
  3. To gain access to this dialogue, you need to register as an IGEM visitor first at Once done, head to “Conference” at the Virtual IGEM Lobby, search for “Project VOCAL Roadshow” then click RSVP!

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